What is SkinVision?

SkinVision is an awareness and tracking mobile application that supports individuals in finding and tracking suspicious moles and skin conditions. The application allows users to take high quality pictures with the app’s advanced camera, assess the skin cancer risk of their moles and skin conditions, and find out the unique recommendations based on their risk assessment. With the personal gallery, users have the option to compare pictures over time and easily share their images with a doctor. The efficient and easy-to-use solution is available on your smartphone and helps to make skin monitoring a simple routine.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of early detection in skin cancer. The smartphone application allows users to become aware of their own skin, find something potentially dangerous early, and track and monitor their skin over time. SkinVision empowers individuals to take their skin health into their own hands.

Who should use SkinVision?

Our app is suitable for everyone- we offer personalised tips based on your risk profile and allow you to capture all of your moles and skin conditions to thoroughly understand your skin. Skin cancer does not discriminate, and we are all at risk. Although certain factors predispose you to a higher risk (such as light skin and a sensitivity to burn in the sun), your skin can evolve over time and a low risk lesion today isn’t necessarily a low risk lesion tomorrow.

Those who are at higher risk typically have the following qualities:
- Fair skin that burns easily, red hair, more than 50 moles, a family history of skin cancer, or a history of sunburn.

How does it work?

SkinVision offers a unique and scientifically-proven technology to detect early and potential signs of chaotic growth (skin cancer). The algorithm has been developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists and checks for irregularities in color, texture, and shape of the lesion. The online solution helps you to visit a doctor prepared and in time.

Does the SkinVision solution replace the Doctor?

No, our solution is not a diagnostic device and does not replace a visit to your doctor. SkinVision helps you to become more aware of your skin so you can visit a doctor in time and prepared. Please note that if at any time you feel concerned or you see the lesion on your skin is changing in thickness, size, color, fluid content, or bleeding, we recommend a visit to your doctor as soon as possible.

How do I use it?

Place the camera over the mole or skin condition. When the proper conditions are met, the camera automatically takes the photo in the automatic camera setting. If you believe this lesion to be related to something other than skin cancer such as psoriasis or warts, please use the manual camera to take the picture.

Which devices are compatible with SkinVision?

SkinVision is available for iOS and Android devices. The app is functional for iPhone 4s and higher and it is optimised for iPhone 5 and 6. On Android, it is functional for Samsung S4 devices and higher. The SkinVision website will also grant you access to features such as your archive, daily UV forecast, a knowledge base of images of melanoma and other skin conditions, and in-depth information on the prevention of skin cancer. We are continually working to optimise the app for other devices, so if you have any questions regarding your device, please email us at

How do I sign up?

You can download SkinVision on the App Store or Google Play. Select the ‘I am new” button on the first screen and follow the instructions. Sign up with your email address or with your Facebook login. You can also sign up or access your profile via our website,

Why do I need a profile?

Your SkinVision profile helps you better understand your risk and provide you with personalised skin advice. The SkinVision profile contains a daily UV index and recommendations on how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Additionally, it contains a skin type questionnaire and risk profile questionnaire. The information you share will help you better understand your skin, provide you with more personalised skin advice, and provide you with an archive of information that you can share with your doctor.

Is my personal information safe?

All data that you enter on the App and the Website is encrypted with secure server software (SSL). The encryption means that your data is protected while it is being transferred over the Internet to our servers. We store your account information and your digital images on separate servers. The servers sit behind a firewall restricted to only necessary ports for running the Website.

SkinVision does not guarantee that personal information transmitted to the Server (including without limitation information in your Account), will not be disclosed to third parties. While our aim is to keep your personal information confidential by security measures, third parties may unlawfully intercept transmissions or private communications, or access data within the Server.

How does the assessment work?

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SkinVision uses a scientifically-proven algorithm to check the mole in the photo for visible signs of skin cancer. The algorithm has been developed and tested in cooperation with dermatologists and checks for irregularities in color, texture and shape of the lesion. The proprietary mathematical algorithm calculates the fractal dimension of skin lesions and surrounding skin tissues and builds a structural map that reveals the different growth patterns of the tissues involved. It indicates which moles and skin conditions should be tracked over time. Please be aware that the assessment is not a medical diagnosis, and should not replace a visit to the doctor.

Is the SkinVision assessment scientifically proven?

Yes. The accuracy of the online assessment (algorithm) has been scientifically tested in two studies. The first study started in 2013 at the dermatology clinic; Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. The second study took place from 2014 until 2016 at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

How do I take good pictures?

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To take the highest quality images, follow these instructions:

  • Photos are best taken in natural daylight, but indoors near a window or any brightly lit space will also work.
  • Move anything creating a shadow on your skin out of the way, including hair.
  • If your photos are coming out blurry, try resting your body on a steady surface while the photo is taken.
  • Hold the camera around 20cm from your skin. Our in-app automatic camera allows you to make an assessment of your moles and skin conditions to find out your associated risk, while the manual camera can be used for tracking other skin conditions such as acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis over time.

Why do I need to track a mole’s evolution?

It is important to track a mole or skin condition because skin lesions can evolve over time. The features that you should look out for include asymmetry, border irregularity, color that is not uniform, and a diameter that is greater than 6 mm (about the size of a pencil eraser). If your mole or skin condition is bleeding or ulcerating, we advise you to go directly a doctor for a check up.

How does the Archive work?

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Each time that you analyse a picture, you can archive the photo and create a folder for your different moles and skin lesions. We recommend naming library folders based on the location of the mole or skin condition on your body. For example, a folder called ‘left forearm’ or ‘upper back.’ Once you start a folder, you can set alerts and notifications prompting you to take your next photo at a future date. The archive is also accesible by logging into your account on

SkinVision does not support multiple profiles at the moment, but you can create separate folders for members of your family or friends by giving the folder the person’s name and location of mole. For example, ‘Michael_Left_Arm’.

Can I make an archive for my friends or family members?

Yes, SkinVision encourages our users to make folders for their friends and family members. Simply name distinct folders by the name of your friend or family member and provide a detailed note of the location of the mole or skin condition.

How does the UV forecast work?

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SkinVision will provide you with a daily UV index in your profile, which is dependent on your geographical location. Your UV index is a 5 category forecast of your risk of overexposure to UV radiation from the sun. When the UV index is at 3 and above, extra sun protection measure should be taken. In addition to the rating, we provide you with recommendations coming from official sources such as the World Health Organization and Intersun.

How much does SkinVision cost?

The app is free to download, and you are given free credits to get started with. With the credits you can make assessments of your moles and skin conditions and use them to get in contact with SkinVision experts and health professionals through the application. To purchase more credits, simply select your wallet which can be recognisable by this icon Icon wallet 6741af93f16c89aad5b47c44a48afe9d073fc4a8317435c649990beeb974b7b3

How do I pay for SkinVision?

To make purchases simply go to your wallet, located in your home screen. We offer the option to purchase single credits or a year plan for unlimited assessments.

How can I find a dermatologist?

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SkinVision is happy to announce that we have launched our doctor services, and clinics are signing up worldwide. This means that you can instantly connect to a dermatologist or skin cancer specialist if they are located in your area. From SkinVision, you can track and monitor your moles and skin conditions between your face-to-face visits with your doctor and get a second opinion. If you are a certified doctor or dermatologist and are interested in learning more, please click here.


Is SkinVision available everywhere?

The app is available worldwide (with the exception of the USA and Canada). If you are located in one of these locations and would like to be kept informed about when we will be in the market, please contact us at'

How do I get in touch with SkinVision?

If you have any questions or encounter any issues with the app please feel free to write to us. Use the form on our website, the “Feedback” section within the app, or send us an email at and we will reply to your email as soon as possible.

What types of skin cancer can the algorithm provide a risk assessment for?

The online assessment can assess skin lesions for potential signs of the most common types of skin cancer. This includes melanoma, BCC, and SCC, and certain pre stages of skin cancer such as actinic keratosis.