About SkinVision

SkinVision was founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, based on a PhD study to apply the mathematical theory ‘fractal geometry’ for medical imaging. Fractal geometry simulates natural growth of tissue and is widely used and documented in biology. In 2012 the organisation moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The initial founders are still involved in SkinVision and the research team that develops the unique algorithm further are based in Bucharest. The SkinVision team is a group of dedicated individuals including a panel of distinguished dermatologists and a scientific board.


Dick Uyttewaal

Robbert Visser

Rene van der Steeg

Mircea Popa

Andreea Udrea

Kostas Konstantinos

Christina Cotruta

Armina Stepan

Roeland Pater

Lisette Böhne

Erik de Heus

Cassey Shapiro

Morgan Wallace

Justus Fokker

Ferry Raaijmakers